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Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists

1515 Lake Pointe Parkway 
Sugar Land, TX 77478

​This is the story of Stormy, a 3 month old female Chihuahua that came in to Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists in December of 2013. Stormy’s dad knew there was a problem the second he heard the yelp. One minute Stormy was playing on the couch, and the next she was toppling over the back and onto the tile floor. Dad scooped Stormy up and immediately noticed that she could not use her left front leg. Since his in-laws have used Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists in the past, he knew exactly where to bring Stormy.

Stormy was brought into the SLVS emergency clinic where she saw Dr. Mihalevich, the emergency doctor on call that evening. During her initial exam, Dr. Mihalevich noted that Stormy was painful around her left elbow. Radiographs (x-rays) of Stormy’s leg showed that she had a fracture of her left humerus, the bone which extends from the shoulder to the elbow. Dr. Mihalevich gave Stormy pain medicine to make sure she was comfortable, splinted her leg, and stabilized her overnight until she was transferred to the care of the SLVS surgery team the following day.

Fortunately, Dr. Kruse, one of the board-certified surgeons at SLVS knew just what to do for Stormy’s injury. Stormy underwent surgery with Dr. Kruse and an implant was placed to fix the fracture and stabilize the bone. Stormy recovered well from surgery, but there was some concern however that the location of the injury in a dog so young could result in long-term malformation of her leg.

“The surgeon and surgery team did a great job preparing us for everything throughout the process that was going to be done, as well as what we would have to do for Stormy’s rehabilitation at home,” said Stormy’s dad.

Stormy was sent home with pain medications and strict instructions for rest and rehabilitation exercises. Two weeks later, Stormy returned for her recheck visit with Dr. Kruse, and her parents reported that she was doing very well at home, was not limping, and was off of all of her medications. Radiographs were taken again 2 weeks later (4 weeks after surgery) which showed that Stormy’s fracture was completely healed!

Dr. Kruse explained that Stormy will likely have some arthritis in this joint as she ages since the fracture extended into her joint. This however, is something that can be managed with medication and will not likely interfere with Stormy’s quality of life.

Stormy’s dad told us: “Everybody I dealt with at Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists was professional, compassionate, and everything that needed to be done for Stormy was thoroughly explained.”