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Vet Care From Home 03/30/20 - 9:23 pm

In order to continue our efforts to minimize the risk of infection to both our clients and our teams, we're adding telemedicine to the services…

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3 More Ways To Pay Your Vet Bills At SLVS 03/19/20 - 12:06 am

Similar to human medicine, veterinary medicine can be expensive if you don’t have pet insurance (which we highly recommend nudge-nudge) or if your pet has…

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Can My Pets Give Me Coronavirus? 03/09/20 - 7:49 pm

You might have heard that there is a new strain of coronavirus and noticed the panic around its spread, especially as it relates to our…

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August 15th is Check the Chip Day! 03/27/18 - 7:34 am

What is 'Check The Chip Day' you ask? August 15th is a day to raise awareness with pet owners to register and update their pet's microchip. Though…

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Dont chew on that! Easter toxins every pet parent should be aware of. 03/27/18 - 7:31 am

It’s Easter! Time for Easter baskets and Easter lilies! And time to remind all of our pet parents about things to be careful about around…

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So what does it mean to be a veterinary technician? 03/27/18 - 7:30 am

One of our star team members, Zoey, gives us some inside information on what it takes to be a Licensed Veterinary Technician If you have…

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Warmer weather means greater risk for snakebites 03/27/18 - 7:28 am

Living in Texas means being aware of the dangers of snakes. Now that the weather is beginning to get warmer, that also means being extra…

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New advances in human cancer research will mean more options for our pets 03/27/18 - 7:25 am

Cancer research in humans is constantly evolving and so too is our knowledge of how cancer starts and how it progresses in our pets. In…

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My dog has a lump! What do I do? 03/27/18 - 7:23 am

So you are relaxing with your fur baby one night, watching some TV and giving him a belly rub when you feel it. A lump!…

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What exactly is a CAT scan? 03/27/18 - 7:22 am

Many of us have heard the term CAT scan, or the more correct term CT scan, but do you really know what it is? Here…