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Hearing that your beloved pet has cancer can be a devastating experience. We understand what an emotional and confusing time this can be for pet owners. Our goal is to educate pet parents on the latest treatment options so that an informed treatment decision may be made. During the initial consultation, we review the pet’s medical history and perform a thorough physical exam. Based on these findings, additional testing and treatment options will be discussed.

The Oncology section at Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists is headed by Dr. Andrew Novosad. Dr. Novosad, and his Oncology team, coordinate all aspects of patient care from diagnosis, to staging, to treatment, and will keep both the family veterinarian and pet parent informed every step of the way. Once a diagnosis of neoplasia (cancer) is made, Dr. Novosad will discuss all treatment options and provide prognostic information to ensure an informed decision may be made. 

The specialists at SLVS have on-site access to advanced diagnostic equipment such as CT scan and MRI which can facilitate localization and extent of spread of neoplastic disease. Cytology, flow cytometry, and immunohistochemistry are other diagnostic tests at our disposal to arrive at an accurate and timely diagnosis for the pet. 

Dr. Novosad examining an Oncology patient

Dr. Novosad and his team offer metronomic chemotherapy which refers to repetitive, low dose chemotherapy used to target tumor stroma or endothelium. This method is designed to minimize toxicity commonly associated with chemotherapeutic drugs. In addition, immunotherapy, which stimulates the immune system to destroy neoplastic tissue may also be considered for patients treated at SLVS.

Evaluating the tumor

Inserting a catheter for chemotherapy

Participation in ongoing clinical trials is critical to the evolution of knowledge in the field of veterinary oncology. These trials may provide a therapeutic option for an individual patient and are considered on a case by case basis. If Dr. Novosad and his team feel that a patient would benefit from enrollment in a current clinical trial, this option is discussed thoroughly with the pet owner and family veterinarian.

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