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Our Mission & Core Values

Our mission at Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists is to provide the best possible veterinary specialty and emergency care for pets and their owners with outstanding customer service, understanding, compassion and communication. We recognize, respect and support the value of every co-worker and our referring veterinarians in this TEAM effort to succeed in OUR MISSION.

We respect that you did not plan to need our services; walking through our doors usually means the worst day of your pets life is happening.

We respect the position of your family veterinarian as the primary health care provider for your pet.

It is also our culture for every member of our team, regardless of their credentials, to respect every member of our team.

Knowledge is expected to be found at a specialty and emergency hospital. Not only do we promote education, advancement, and training for our team, we believe that knowledge should be shared. So, we share our knowledge with pet parents, the veterinary community, and veterinary students through social media and our blog. We host continuing education events for our referring partners, host veterinary students on rotation, and have round-table discussions.

Integrity is when no one is looking and doing the right thing anyway. It means our surgeons telling you that surgery isn’t the best option for your pet if it isn’t. It is referring you to a closer emergency clinic when you call us from across town. It is the SLVS24EC difference.

Trust is most closely related to Integrity and Respect, but Trust, like Knowledge, is an earned value. It can be given before earned at the risk of the giver. SLVS has a stellar reputation, but we strive to earn the trust of every client and every pet every day.

Compassion is ensuring our patients are pain free, that they have comfortable bedding, their wound dressings are fresh and the “sleep” is wiped from their eyes. This compassion carries over to our clients, the caretakers of these special family members. Compassion is the tear that drops when our efforts are too little, too late, but also the smiles and laughter, the fulfillment, when we return a pet back to the family that loves them, healthy once again.

Loyalty is what you’re companions give to you so they should expect no less from us. Loyalty means taking care of our team so that they can take care of you and your pets. It means staying true to who we are so that you and your pet receive the highest standard of care. We are also loyal to our referring veterinary community and will not accept appointments to see our specialists without a referral from him or her. The commitment of our doctors and staff maintains our long term relationships that means consistency and continuity of care for the pets entrusted to our care.

Consider responsibility as the follow-thru, the commitment to these other Core Values. Each of us has unique talents and tasks to perform related to our individual duties. We are very serious about completing these duties and chores in a timely, accurate and professional manner. We admit the mistakes that we make, discuss and study those mistakes and correct them.

Fun might seem like an odd core value next to “Responsibility”. We added Fun to our core values in 2018 during serious conversations around burn-out and compassion fatigue. These issues do not belong to veterinary medicine alone, they plague every caregiving profession.

Our team, being compassionate medical care givers, are not immune to it either. We have to create joy in our days, hang on to the wins, and have fun at work or risk leaving this profession that called so many of us to it. So, we dress up for Halloween, decorate for the holidays, and have fun at work.