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Packs Achieve Wellness Grant

What Is The PAW Grant?

The Packs Achieve Wellness (PAW) Grant is a 501c3 through the Veterinary Care Foundation. The PAW Grant is sustained from the donations of our PAWtners, who help SLVS24EC grant opportunities to wellness for pets whose families are experiencing financial difficulty.

Through PAWtner donations and our compassionate team, the PAW Grant exists to reduce economic euthanasia and pet suffering. And in doing so, the PAW Grant alleviates stressors identified in contributing to veterinary professional depression/suicide, compassion fatigue and burn out.

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PAW Grant Criteria

  1. The pet has a fair or better prognosis with medical intervention as determined by the veterinarian in charge of the pet’s medical care
  2. The pet parents are unable to pay for a portion of medical treatment
  3. The pet parents were denied by Scratch Pay payment plans or extension of Scratch Pay funds denied
  4. The pet parent made a good and honest effort to phone a friend or family member for financial assistance
  5. The pet parents were able to pay something towards care- unless extenuating circumstances are in play

Who Your Donations Have Helped: