Core Values

These values are what we want to emulate, who we want to be.  We commit to them when we are hired and recommit on a daily basis.

The often used term “compassion” is popular in marketing script and personality descriptions. Compassion is ensuring our patients are pain free, that they have comfortable bedding, their wound dressings are fresh and the “sleep” is wiped from their eyes. It means that urinary incontinence and diarrhea are not excuses for a soiled patient. It’s walking and playing with them several times a day, calling them by name and comforting them. It is administering pills and injectable medication in the wee hours of the night. But most of all, compassion is doing all of that and more with a deep interest and sincere caring for our patients and the success of our treatment. This special treatment carries over to our clients, the caretakers of these special family members. Compassion is the tear that drops when our efforts are too little, too late, but also the smiles and laughter, the fulfillment, when we return a pet back to the family that loves them, healthy once again.

More than honesty, integrity is keeping a promise, doing what is implied, not just what is agreed in writing. It is swallowing hard and looking you straight in the eye to talk about a serious illness for which we have no cure. It is referring you to a closer emergency clinic when you call us from across town.

As an institution of medical practice, SLVS maintains high expectations in regards to quality education and continued learning for every team member. Most of our doctors have 10-12 years of college and multiple degrees. Our technicians all receive structured training, a large number being licensed veterinary technicians. We both provide and attend Continuing Education courses. We provide externships for the Houston Area Vet Tech schools. It is imperative that, as a Specialty Hospital, all of our staff is current on the newest knowledge and best techniques and standards of care.

Loyalty is taken very seriously at Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists.  It is what keeps our patients coming back because their family knows we provide the best possible care.  To our Mission, to the patient, our clients and to each other, we are faithful in performance and dedication.  We are loyal to your veterinarian and will not accept appointments without a referral from him or her.  We request that our staff remain loyal to SLVS by communicating with our management staff when problems arise, even if that action will require more of their personal time.  The commitment of our doctors and staff maintains our long term relationships that means consistency and continuity of care for pets and their owners.

We understand that you did not plan to need our services; nearly all of our cases have significant medical conditions; many are dire. We do not provide routine healthy pet services like in a general veterinary practice. We are empathetic and respect that you are not happy that you need one or more of our specialties.  We do our best to take the time to explain procedures, diagnoses, prognoses, aftercare and costs.  We respect the position of your family veterinarian as the primary health care provider for your pet.   It is also our culture for our team to respect our own doctors and technicians.

Consider responsibility as the follow-thru, the commitment to these other Core Values.  Each of us has unique talents and tasks to perform related to our individual duties.  We are very serious about completing these duties and chores in a timely, accurate and professional manner.  We admit the mistakes that we make, discuss and study those mistakes and correct them.

Trust is most closely related to Integrity and Respect, but Trust, like Knowledge, is an earned Value.  It can be given before earned at the risk of the giver.  SLVS has a stellar reputation, but we strive to earn the trust of every client and every pet every day.

These Core Values were selected by our original staff in 2008.  We recruit and hire the best personnel for and with these traits.  No, perfect we are not.  But, these values are what we want to emulate, who we want to be.  We commit to them when we are hired and recommit on a daily basis.  These Core Values, with our Mission Statement, are displayed on the most prominent wall in our hospital.  As in any medical business, we routinely deal with life and death situations, emergencies, emotions, stress. They guide us as we dedicate our lives to support and improve the lives of our patients and their caretakers, and to maintain a happy, positive working environment.

The Staff of Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists.

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