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Why Does My Pet Need a Specialist?

Veterinary care providers vary in the types of services they offer and the animals they treat. Some vets, such as emergency veterinary hospitals and internal medicine clinics, specialize in life-saving care for pets with health issues that are beyond what a general veterinary clinic can treat. In some cases, you might head straight to a specialist to care for your pet. Other times, you may visit a specialist on referral from your primary veterinary care provider. Here’s a closer look at some of the most common situations where a specialist may be needed.

Your pet has an advanced or chronic illness.

If your pet is suffering from an advanced illness, such as kidney failure or cancer, specialized care is often needed to either treat or manage the condition. In addition, vets specializing in internal medicine may be better able to provide care for chronic illnesses in pets, such as diabetes. Sometimes, you might simply make an appointment with a specialist for a second opinion to confirm a diagnosis from your current veterinary care clinic.

Your pet has a health emergency.

Even if your cat or dog is in good health, they may still need a specialist in the face of health emergencies. If your pet has accidentally ingested something harmful, suffered a serious injury, or is experiencing respiratory issues, you should head straight for Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists & 24-Hour Emergency Care—especially if it’s after-hours for your normal clinic.

Your primary vet is unable to resolve a health issue with your pet.

A good rule of thumb is that you should not need to schedule more than 3 veterinary visits to diagnose and manage a given health issue. If further visits are needed, it might be time to head to a specialist for closer observation and more detailed care.

When you need emergency or specialty care for your pet, don’t hesitate to visit us at 1515 Lake Pointe Pkwy in Sugar Land, Texas. Our specialists work closely with other veterinary offices to ensure that pets and their owners get the attention and information they need. If you’re experiencing an emergency or have been referred to a veterinary specialist, call us today at 281-491-7800.