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Gift ideas for your furry family members

According to a survey done by the American Pet Products Association, 53% of dog parents and 38% of cat parents will buy holiday gifts for our furry family members. Chances are that if you are reading this blog, you are one of us 


Before you buy a gift though, it is important to make sure that it is safe. The last thing you want to do over the holidays is end up at the vet’s office. Here are some ideas for fun and safe gifts for the fur babies in your life.

  1. A new personalized collar or tag

Who doesn’t love a new piece of jewelry? Plus this is a great time to make sure your pets have your most current contact information on them in case there is ever a problem.

  1. An interactive gift

Treat dispensing toys or food puzzles are fun for both dogs and cats. Indoor cats especially will appreciate treat toys that encourage play and hunting behavior. New scratching posts or scratch pads for the kitties are also a great idea.

  1. Plush toys, rope toys

These are a great idea for the dog in your life. Be sure to buy toys that don’t have plastic pieces that can break off and be swallowed. If your dog likes to “gut” his/her toys, avoid any toys with squeakers in them too.

  1. A new bed

Doesn’t a nice, plushy, warm bed sound like the perfect gift? I would like to tell you that this may keep your cat from trying to sleep on your head but, it may not 

  1. Time

Sometimes this is the hardest gift to give but is one that will definitely, be appreciated. Spend some time with your dog at the dog park or going for a few more walks. Your kitty may also appreciate some time being brushed or playing with a new feather toy.

If there is a gift you have in mind and aren’t sure if it would be a good idea, don’t hesitate to call us or your family veterinarian and ask. We would love to help.

All of us at Sugar Land Veterinary Specialists wish you and all of your furry family members a safe and happy holiday season!

This blog post is brought to you by the SLVS team. If you have a suggestion for a future post, please leave it in the comments section below…

Sugar Land Team